Batch Plant on Wheels

The ingredients for concrete (sand, rock, cement, water and additives) are hauled in separate compartments on our trucks. According to how each customer would like their concrete, gates are set at the outlet of the sand, rock and cement compartments, allowing the proper amount of each to drop onto a conveyor belt. This belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where water and additives are added as it enters an auger which mixes all the ingredients together and pushes it down a chute where it emerges as fresh concrete.

Our chutes are capable of reaching up to 15 feet.


Metered Delivery

Our concrete mixes are metered off the truck to the nearest ¼ yard. We can deliver as little as a few bucketful's or up to 7 yards. You pay within a ¼ yard of what you order and there is never any leftover concrete dumped at your job site.

Remote Drive System

Unlike ready-mix trucks, our concrete trucks are equipped with a unique remote drive system, allowing the operator to move or steer the truck from a control station at the rear of the unit. At many job sites, this valued feature saves substantial time and money. A chute man is not required and the operator does not have to jump in and out of the truck to reposition it to complete a pour making the work site safer.

These features equate to the best concrete and the quickest delivery in the Clark County area. No more long hours of heavy labor mixing sacrete, no waste and no messy cleanup.


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